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Please help !!! I am new to CBSE....

Ask you questions of CBSE Class XII and discuss the same here. For any doubts relates to CBSE Class XII.

Please help !!! I am new to CBSE....

Postby djshunti » Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:48 pm

I joined CBSE last year.I did my 10th from ICSE.I have just gone to 12th.The teachers in my school assure us that the questions in the Board Exam will come from the NCERT textbooks only (I think they also include the example sums and the exercise sums for physics,chemistry and maths and the misc. exercise sums in Maths). Is it really true that studying only from NCERT textbooks gets you really good marks ? Also,since it is the year where one has to handle both 12th Board preparations as well as preparations for competitive exams,is it advisable that NCERT textbooks are good for both ? I would be very grateful if any experienced teachers and 12th exam giving or passed students express their opinion.Please help me since I am not familiar with the format of the CBSE.Also suggest books which help a lot in the Board exams.

Awaiting a prompt reply.
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Re: Please help !!! I am new to CBSE....

Postby Villette » Sat Mar 13, 2010 3:42 pm

Heyaaaaaaaaa :D :) ;)
Shake hands djshunti me too new in cbse. ;)
I'l let u knw if i get ne info regarding ur queries. :)
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Re: Please help !!! I am new to CBSE....

Postby milee » Sat Mar 20, 2010 1:17 am

ncert books r sufficient 4 board exams i f u study each n every word of it really well including slvd eg ,in txt ques n mis ex r very imp 4 maths.also u can go 4 2gethr wid n pre yr papers n sample papers issued by cbse i f u wnt 2 score very gud marks.
but 4 compt. exams ncert buks r nt sufficient u hav 2 do mch mre dan dat u shud do prctic of as many mcqs as u can

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Re: Please help !!! I am new to CBSE....

Postby vivek83 » Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:40 pm

hi dear,

I can understand your problems regarding CSBE board exam preparations and related to career.When i was in the 12th, it's been always become tough for me to do the preparation of many subjects in limited period of time but at last i did it by scoring good marks in subjects like MATHS, ACCOUNTS. I think NCERT books helps a lot by making your foundation strong, which provides you the benefit in the cbse boards and entrance examinations.If you are doing the preparation form NCERT books, then read it thoroughly and try to solve all the back exercise questions. There are many solved questions given in ncert books which help you to give an idea or methods adopted to solve the questions easily. In my opinion, NCERT books are sufficient for board exam preparation and you can easily score well in your exams, if you read the ncert books thoroughly.After the CBSE results 2010, you can easily judge the performance on the basis of time which you have spent on the preparation. I assure that you will get good score in cbse boards 2010. If you have any query related to cbse then do let me know or check here

Best of luck
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