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Poor Husband

PostPosted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:20 pm
by janu
In a Bar, a man attended a phone call on speaker phone and spoke:

Tell Honey..

Wife: Darling, m in shopping mall, shall I buy Jewellery worth Rs. 1 LAKH?

Man: Sure Honey

Wife: 1Silk Saree worth Rs.20,000 dear, shall i?

Man: 1 saree is not enough honey, take 1 more.

Wife: Ok dear, I've ur credit-card, shall I use now?

Man: Sure, wid pleasure.

All frienz asked him after he put dwn his mobile: U luv ur wife dis much...?

Man: "EXCUSE ME .. WHOSE MOBILE IS THIS...?" :D :lol: :P :) :D :lol: